Success stories

During 15 years in software business, Rasterex products have been used by thousands of companies world wide. All from small architect and engineering firms to large multi-national concerns with enterprise-wide collaboration as a critical factor for success.

We have selected a few success cases that illustrate how Rasterex technology has been utilized in large organizations.

We have categorized the success cases in two main groups:

Enterprise Solutions

Cases where large enterprises use Rasterex products for enterprise-wide viewing and collaboration internally.

The Qatalum Project uses software from Rasterex for viewing of the large number of documents, drawings and models involved in the construction and operational phase of the project.

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Hydro has an enterprise-wide site license with Rasterex. With RxView rolled out throughout the organisation, all employees can view and print any kind of document without hazzle.

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POSCO uses a suite of Rasterex products inside their Drawing Management System.

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South Korea

StatoilHydro uses RxView & RxHighlight for enterprise-wide viewing and collaboration.

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OEM Solutions

Cases where Rasterex’ core technology is used by other programmers to addspecific capabilities to their own software.

Meridian Systems uses RxHighX from Rasterex as their buil-in viewer inside Prolog.

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ProExecute has built a unique Print Management System, using a mix of developer tools from Rasterex.

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Union Square Software uses a modified version of RxViewServer to view and mark-up the files within their Knowledge and Document Management System, Workspace.

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