Our viewers now support IFC!

Access to view IFC models is a must have for everyone working with BIM in the building and construction industry today. Although IFC was introduced several decades ago, it has quickly earned its position as a de facto standard in the industry over the last few years. As a leader in our segments, Rasterex empowers our viewers with IFC support, on all platforms. Since 1996 there have been six principal schema releases, IFC1.5.1, IFC2.0, IFC2x, IFC2x2, IFC 2×3 and IFC4. (Formally known as IFC 2×4). Rasterex supports all the versions of IFC. All our viewers (RxView, RxViewX, RxViewServer and the new web based RxView360) support the IFC file format.

Features in viewers:

  • 3D model
  • Model tree
  • Property Pane
  • Dynamic relationship between model, model tree and property pane
  • Full viewing functionality: zoom, pan, rotate, spin, cross sectioning etc.
  • Markup and annotations
  • Measurement
  • Print


What is IFC?

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open and neutral 3D object-oriented file format used in Building Information Modeling (BIM). IFC makes it possible to exhange information between different CAD applications and other software within the construction and management areas, without loss of information. IFC provides 3D geometry representation for project elements and stores standard and custom data about each building object. This could be the following:

  • Building hierarchy (project, site, building, story, element, space, etc.)
  • Element type (wall, slab, column, beam, roof, stair, zone etc.)
  • Product type (wall type, slab type, window style, door style etc.)
  • Geometry
  • Layer-system
  • Standard and custom IFC properties (material, color, cross-sections, fire rating etc.)
  • Element or functional classification based on different country standards (Uniclass, OmniClass etc.)
  • Connections
  • Assignments (groups, systems, zone groups etc.)
  • And more

IFC is ISO-certified and developed by IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability/Building Smart).  With the increasing levels of digital data, we need a robust platform to exchange the information regardless of design software and BIM platform.

PS! As an advanced 3D-based format with complex structures, IFC is subject to separate licensing and pricing on top of the standard viewer.


Try the online demo of RxView360 and its features by clicking here.

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