Technology Partners

Rasterex’ solutions for raster to vector conversion and raster editing – RxAutoImage and RxSpotlight – are based on the core technology from Consistent Software in Russia.

Consistent Software

Rasterex uses libraries from Datakit to read, inspect, measure, markup and print many of the 3D formats that are supported in all our viewing solutions.


Rasterex uses libraries from Glyph & Cog’s Xpdf project as the basis for our PDF reader.

Glyph & Cog, LLC

Rasterex uses the development SDK from LeadTools for viewing and handling of advanced TIFF files.


Macrovision delivers market leading solutions for licensing and installation. Rasterex provides the most flexible licensing solution on the market.


Nous Infosystems in India provides offshore software development, quality assurance and maintenance services for Rasterex. The combination of deep know-how at Rasterex and time demanding development and maintenance task at Nouse, is optimal for product innovation and quality assurance.

Nous Infosystems

Rasterex uses libraries from The Open Design Alliance (ODA) to perform all viewing and extraction of information from AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF files and Bentley MicroStation DGN files. Rasterex was one of the founding members of ODA, and is today a sustaining member of the foundation.


Rasterex uses libraries directly from the vendor PTC to read, inspect, print, measure and markup SolidWorks 3D models and 2D drafts


Rasterex uses libraries directly from the vendor Siemens PLM Software to read, inspect, print, measure and markup Solid Edge 3D models and 2D drafts.

Solid Edge