COM Objects

COM ObjectsSoftware developers can pick from a variety of COM objects, and program specific functionality directly into their application by code.

Software developers often require full control on how the components play together within their application, and they want to decide themselves the look and feel of each element. For them, a ready made Windows solution, web solution or ActiveX component has taken away much of this flexibility. They want to program everything by code, make their own solutions in their own way and with no predefined User Interface, buttons or menus. They require the technology at an API and code level.

Rasterex has therefore made the core technology available as specific COM objects, providing developers with viewing, printing, conversion, redlining, markup, text extraction functions to their application.

The COM objects can add a lot of different functionality to the client side of an application, but it can also be used to create different kinds of server solution. RxCOM has been used to create Conversion servers, Raster servers, Online converters, Online viewers, Printing Portals, Text Extraction processes, Indexing services and other server-side solutions.

RxCOM is a suite of COM objects for specific functionality:
  • RxViewCOM
  • RxView3DCOM
  • RxPrintCOM
  • RxPrint3DCOM
  • RxRedCOM
  • RxConvertCOM
  • RxLinkCOM
  • RxTxtCOM
  • RxDocCOM
  • RxAcadConverter
Documentation and samples for developers:
  • PDF documentation
  • Sample programs for Delphi, Visual Basic, MS Visual C++/MFC and HTML
OEM Software License Agreement:

After the developer has tested the RxSDK, and found out what solution is best suited for their application, they can contact Rasterex and negotiate an OEM Software License Agreement. The OEM Partnership will ensure the developer access to the complete RxSDK with all of its components, documentation and samples, as well as access to regular updates and fixes. The Agreement will also give them the right to distribute Rasterex components as part of their solution, and it regulates royalty terms and conditions.