OEM Solution

Would you like to integrate RxView360, RxViewServer or RxHighX in your own software solution?

Integrate one of the three option with the company’s existing or planned document management solution!

All the three options are available as an enterprice license or floating network licenses for companies wanting to link the viewing software to their own internal document management system. IT departments, IT consultants and integrators can inrease the user satisfaction by offering multi format viewing, printing, markup and file conversion of any type of models, documents and drawings, directly within the document management system. Regardless of whether it is over the company network, over the web or via terminal server.

Embed RxView360RxViewServer or RxHighX into your own commercial product, become a Rasterex OEM!

The solutions are also perfect tools for software developers looking for an easy way to add multi format viewing, printing, markup and file conversion to their own commercial product, under their own brand and controlled by their own licensing system.

The value of these capabilities is often significant – actually they are often crutial to win business cases. The software developers themselves are not capable of programming this from scratch, and the myriad of format specific viewers and freeware on the market will quickly call for one common control covering all formats and features.

The RxHighX, ViewServer and RxView360 are therefore also made available for OEM partners who are developing a commercial product. They can program the solutions directly into their own software, customize it entirely at their own preferences and immediately have a full blown viewer embedded.

RxHighX, RxViewServer and RxView360 are all parts of the RxSDK, which can be downloaded and tested out over a 30 days period upon request.