ActiveX Viewer

RxViewX & RxHighX

The Thick ActiveX controls RxViewX & RxHighX can be embedded into any VB, Delphi, C++/MFC or WEB application. They are fully customizable and equipped with over 100 scripts for flexible programming

The thick ActiveX controls are direct eqivalent to the desktop applications RxView & RxHighlight, and are therefore named RxViewX & RxHighX.

They use the exact same ActiveX client as the Thin Client Solutions for client-side operations. But as a thick ActiveX control, it has no server module. All the components and filters are merged into the ActiveX control, so everything is installed locally (therefore “thick client”).

Unlike RxView & RxHighlight, which operate as separate Windows applications, the ActiveX controls are embedded into other applications, and operate as a part of these solutions. It can be a Web-solution, a .NET solution or a standard VB/Delphi/MFC solution.

RxViewX is the basic version, providing viewing, printing and measurement features.

RxHighX is the exact same installation as RxViewX, but gives the user access to a set of advanced tools for markup, collaboration, file conversion and batch processes.

The installation is common for RxViewX & RxHighX, and it is the license file that controls whether you have access to the RxHighX options or not.

Customization and Integration:

RxViewX/HighX are equipped with over 100 methods and properties that developers can use to customize the integration according to their own needs.

The actual ActiveX controls are also fully customizable; all the buttons, panes, menu items and status bars can be switched on or off.