A true web solution with Zero Footprint. All HTML5 and Javascript:

RxView360 is a true web viewer, enabling universal viewing of any file type from any location in any browser on any platform – providing a variety of features for viewing, measuring, zooming/panning/rotation, calibration, annotation and file conversion.

  • All based on HTML5, Javascript
  • No client-side installation required
  • No original design application needed
  • Works on any platform (PCs, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Works in any browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others)
  • Installation, configuration, customization, support, and updates done on the server.
  • Server-side processes

Full vector support:

  • Vector-based viewing
  • High level of details at any zoom level
  • CAD layer and block visibility control, turn on and off
  • Scalable background color
  • Vector print for high quality printing

IFC support:

  • 3D model
  • Model tree
  • Property Pane
  • Dynamic relationship between model, model tree and property pane
  • Full viewing functionality: zoom, pan, rotate, spin, cross sectioning etc.
  • Markup and annotations
  • Measurement
  • Print
  • PS! IFC support is subject to separate license and pricing.

See the RxView360 demo

Request an RxView360 evalutation version, with 30-day trial license