Qatalum uses Rasterex for viewing of documents and drawings

Mesaieed/Oslo, April 12, 2010: The Qatalum Aluminium Project was officially launched in Quatar today. Rasterex is proud to play a role in this successful venture, as Qatalum and Hydro uses software from Rasterex for viewing of project documents and drawings.

About Qatalum:Qatalum is one of the largest aluminium plants ever launched. Qatalum, a joint venture by Qatar Petroleum and Hydro, will have a capacity in the first phase of 585,000 tonnes of primary aluminium, all to be shipped as value added aluminium casthouse products. A dedicated power plant with an installed capacity of 1350 MW will ensure a stable supply of electricity.  A successful Joint Venture:Qatalum is a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium, each holding 50 percent. The partners reached a Heads of Agreement in December 2004. The present Joint Venture was established in March 2006, and Construction started up in 2007. The Construction phase has represented more than 16,500 man-years of construction employment. Together with the subsequent operations, where 1,100 workers are employed on a daily basis, the project has generated a large number of jobs in Qatar among suppliers and sub-contractors. The Project site is situated in the north-east of Mesaieed Industrial City, within the region of Umm Sa’id (Mesaieed), approximately 40 kilometers south of the State’s capital, Doha.

Hydro responsible for planning and execution:

Hydro is a global supplier of aluminium and aluminium products. They are the third-largest integrated aluminium supplier in the world, with head office in Oslo, Norway, and operations around the world.

Hydro is s responsible for the planning and execution of the Qatalum project in accordance with the project management agreement entered into with Qatar Aluminium Limited.

Rasterex software used for document viewing:

Both the construction and the operational phase of the project, involves a large number of documents, drawings and models from a variety of sources. Hydro has long experience in using software from Rasterex for fast and easy viewing of all types of project documents. Also in the Qatalum Project, they have chosen Rasterex as their preferred partner, and Rasterex is proud to be a part of this successful Venture.

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