Rasterex releases RxAutoImage R11

Rasterex Software announces the new release of their market leading software for raster editing and raster to vector conversion inside AutoCAD – compatible with versions up to 2011.

Boost productivity by incorporating scanned raster data directly into AutoCAD. Let raster editing and raster to vector conversion become a natural part of your CAD design process.

RxAutoImage R11 is fully AutoCAD 2011 DWG compatible. New in this release is also the ability to import vector content from PDF files, so that all information in a PDF file, whether it is raster or vector, can be converted into a raster image, for further processing inside the hybrid environment. The OCR functionality is also strongly approved. The AABBYY OCR module was first introduced in version R10, but has in version R11 been properly optimized for more accurate character recognition.

RxAutoImage is an ARX application running directly inside AutoCAD, while RxSpotlight is the complementary solution for Windows. When you purchase a license of RxAutoImage, you automatically get access to RxSpotlight in the same installation – and vice versa – both running on the same license.

New features in RxAutoImage R11.0:

  • AutoCAD 2011 DWG compatibility
  • Support for import of vector content from PDF files
  • OCR module now optimized for more accurate character recognition
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