Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R11

Rasterex Software, a global leader in document viewing and collaboration, today released version R11 of their popular family of viewers for Windows.

Version R11 is a major upgrade, with full support for AutoCAD 2010, improved MicroStation DGN reader, new DWF 7.6 reader, integrated MS Visio reader, updated 3D readers and a series of new and improved features and bug fixes. It runs smoothly under the new MS Windows 7, and has a nice and modern MS Office 2007 interface.

RxView allows users to view & print more than 250 different file formats – without the design software installed on the machine. CAD drawings, 3D CAD models, plot-files, PDFs, Office documents, raster images and scanned drawings.


RxHighlight is the same software installation as RxView, but via the license, it opens up for advanced functions like redlining, markup, conversion, batch processes and text search & extraction, for collaboration between team members.


Version R11 is fully MS Windows 7 compatible.


Fully MS Windows 7 compatible

All underlying components are now compiled with Visual Studio 2008 to make them fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7

Reads all MS Office 2007 files:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, RTF
– both the binary and XML formats


Updated format support:
  • AutoCAD 2010 support
  • Improved MicroStation DGN support
  • Support for DWF 7.6 (AutoCAD 2010 DWF format)
  • MS Visio reader included in standard installation
Updated 3D formats (licensed separately as optional):
  • SolidWorks 2009, Solid Edge V20 and Inventor 2010 support
  • CATIA V5 (R19), PRO/E Wildfire 3.0 support
New features and enhancements in R11:
  • Edged Text – background color change is now possible
  • Copy XML markup between drawings (both in same RxHighlight instance and others)
  • Command added to markup list bar: Delete and Export as CSV
  • RxRocky hardware dongle supported
  • Added support for markup symbol scale settings
  • 10 fixes for file format readers: AutoCAD, CGM, MicroStation, DWF, PDF and MS Word

Customers under SSA contract have already received the new version. New users can download and try the software for free on Rasterex download page.

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