Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R16

Rasterex Software, a global leader within document viewing and collaboration, today released version R16.0 of their popular desktop viewers for Windows.

Version R16 continues to serve the hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world with updates, improvements and fixes. Although AutoCAD version 2015 has been supported already since it was launched by Autodesk, the R16  provides a full featured and complete support for AutoCAD 2015 based on Teigha 4.0.0 libraries. Another format which is important for our customers, is SolidWorks. The new version R16 has full support for SolidWorks 3D and 2D up to and including latest version 2014. As always, we have included a number of generic bug fixes and improvements into version 16.

Version R16 introduses a “perfect office option”, a very significan improvement for our customers who rely on a perfect rendering of MS Office files or Open Office files. The “perfect office option” utilizes the users’ own automation manager (included in all MS Office and Open Office installations) to render office files perfectly.

RxView allows users to view & print more than 250 different file formats – without the design software installed on the machine. CAD drawings, 3D CAD models, plot-files, PDFs, Office documents, raster images and scanned drawings.

RxHighlight is the same software installation as RxView, but through the license file, it opens up for advanced functions like redlining, markup, file conversion, batch processes and text search & extraction, for collaboration between team members.


 RxView and RxHighlight R16


New in version 16.0:

 Updated format support:
  • AutoCAD 2015 (using Teigha Version 4.0.0)
  • SolidWorks 3D 2014 (*)
  • SolidWorks 2D 2014
  • “Perfect office option” for perfect rendering of MS Office files and Open Office files
  • ECW (Enhance Compression Wavelets) – new file format.

(*) AutoCAD is one of the basis formats in Rasterex’ standard installation. SolidWorks is optional, with separate license and price. Read more under “supported file formats”.

Fixes and improvements:
  • License files are now overwritten when retrieving single licenses over the internet.
  • New options for PDF (alternative rendering method) to allow display to be more in line with that of Acrobat.
  • Added filter setup button in Batch Conversion dialog.
  • Maximum markup hyperlink text is now 4000 characters.
  • Added new setting (Markup): Disable Markup Text Rotation. Useful for correct display of arabic/hebrew text.
  • Support for display control of PDF layers
  • Added support for Large Format PDF (90×90 meters). Options “Enable Large Format PDF Files” – default on.
  • 11 generic bug fixes,  21 format reader fixes AutoCAD, HPGL, CADkey, PDF, Word-97, ME10 filters and 5 redline functionality fixes.

Download and try the viewer

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  1. Hi there,
    Our customers are excited about receiving version 16 in our next patch. One of them is asking if there is User/Admin Guide pdf that they can read?

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