Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R17.2

Rasterex Software, a global leader within document viewing and collaboration, today released version R17.2 of their popular desktop viewers for Windows.

Version R17.2 is a maintenance release

New in this version.
• PDF to DWG/DXF conversion is now much better as layers are retained and text will be written as MTEXT elements.

• Added option (2D Tab) to use image cache for PDF files. Using this feature will improve redraw speed for PDF files containing large image data.

• Batch Print : All pages are now default when a file is added (was first page only).
• 5611 – Only visible markup is now included in markup list.
• 5611 – Only markup elements on visible layers are now displayed in the markup list.
• Added new BIM types to display state (BIM Tab): Flow, Plate and Member
• Removed some unused code (cleanup), fixed one memory leak.
• Truetype text is now used for AutoCAD and DWF file formats.

Fixed in this version
• Compare of two SolidWorks files was incorrect for files containing truetype text, becuse the text was always drawn using original color (not compare color).
• AutoCAD batch converter tool always created DWG files even if DXF was selected.
• Batch Print : translation text error (duplicate entry)

• 5575 – Opening print preview with a specific file and setting monochrome print caused a crash.
• New flag for RxFilter_TFF added to control use of AlphaBlending or not for 32-bit images.
• 5598 – DWF file was displayed with incorrectly rotated logo when rotated.
• Improved true type support for AutoCAD and other formats.
• PDF to vector (DXF and more) conversion now use text and layers from PDF. When a PDF now is converted to e.g. DXF all text from PDF will be converted as MTEXT entity.
• Found an error that caused exception error and crash. Problem is related to certain font types used in DWG.
• Added support for use of image for displaying PDF files. For PDF files that contained only a raster image the redraw speed will be much better.

• New methods for handling PDF markup.

• Minor changes : Two memory leaks, added more error checking for a few methods.

• Enable use of image display for PDF files. This will increase redraw speed many times for large PDF files containing only raster data.

Format reader fixes AutoCAD DWG
• Added support for not loading frozen layers.
• 5601 – Embedded raster data covered vectors beneath.
• OLE2FRAME elements no longer drawn.

Format reader fixes CGM
• 5591 – Missing text problem.

Format reader fixes CALS
• Filter is now 100% Unicode ltwca.dll no longer needed.

Format reader fixes DWF
• Now passes TrueType text to Rimengine.
• Fixed issue with a file that was displayed with extra lines

Format reader fixes DWF6
• Now using truetype text if possible. Gives much better quality and smaller print spool files.

Format reader fixes DWF 7
• Now using truetype text if possible. Gives much better quality and smaller print spool files.

Format reader fixes JPEG
• Now sets default DPI to 96 if not given in JPEG file.

Format reader fixes CoCreate ME/10-30
• Fixed – A file had some random lines displayed.

Format reader fixes MetaFile
• Added support for EMZ format – These files are enhanced metafile files compressed using Gzip algorithm.
• Added save/export support to both WMF (Windows Metafile) and EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile) destination formats.

Format reader fixes Microstation V8
• Now supports text search and extraction for DgnText3 elements.
• Circles now drawn with higher resolution.

Format writer fixes PDF
• 5602 – Converting to PDF /A created text that was too bold.

Format reader fixes TIFF
• Now disables “AlphaBlending” for 32-bit TIFF files. This is not required and gave poor display result.

Download and try the viewer for PDF, CAD, 3D CAD, Office and Raster

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