Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R7.3

Rasterex Software, a global leader in visualization and collaboration technology, today announced the release of version R7.3 – a maintenance release of their popular family of viewing products for Windows.

RxView allows users to view & print more than 250 different file formats (2D & 3D CAD, plot-files, PDF files, Office documents, raster images etc.), without having the design software installed on the machine.

RxHighlight adds advanced functions like mark-up, file conversion and text search & extraction, for collaboration between team members.

“One of the success criteria for a vendor of multi format viewers is their ability to provide their customers with extensive maintenance and support” says Per Christian Lindstad, CEO at Rasterex Software. “It is 4 months since version R7.2 was released with 40 new features and enhancements, and now version R7.3 is out with another 70 fixes and improvements”.

Customers under SSA contract have already received the new version. New users can download and try the software for free on Rasterex download page.

New features and enhancements in R7.3:

  • Snap to line intersections now supported
  • Now uses CreateBitmap for monochrome conversion. GDI will dither pens and brushes if a CreateBitmap is used instead of CreateDIBSection
  • Added option (advanced) for Gradient background fill in 3D mode
  • New option under Advanced: “Use initial rotation defined by filter”
  • Implemented support for sentinel dongles
  • Conversion of 3D to Raster now uses extents from matrix
  • Now shows measured perimeter in the measure dialog
  • 3D Part color overrides.  Reset to default by “Reset 3D Model”
  • Now requires license feature version 7.3
  • 55 different bug fixes and feature improvements reported by SSA customers

New RxHighlight specific enhancements in R7.3:

  • Added option to select whether RxHighlight should go to edit mode or not, after placing new markup entity
  • RxHighlight now uses the last used color/layer from previous session if the user is allowed to change color/layer
  • Added browse button in Symbol setup dialog
  • EnableMonoMarkup are now stored in Registry (was always TRUE in 7.2)
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