RxViewServer R9.0 thin-client viewer released

Rasterex Software, a global leader in visualization and collaboration technology, today announced the release of version R9.0 of RxViewServer, their thin-client viewer solution for viewing and editing documents and drawings over web. Version R9.0 is released in complience with R9.0 of RxView & RxHighlight.

RxViewServer allows users to view, print, edit, markup and collaborate on more than 250 different file formats (2D and 3D CAD, plot-files, PDF files, Office documents, raster images etc.) directly within their browser – via intranet, extranet, internet, web portals or content management systems.

With RxViewServer installed on the Web server, all enterprise content information is accessible for authorized team members – both inside and outside the organization.

The first time a user wants to view a file, a small ActiveX component is downloaded automatically in the background. This ActiveX runs in the browser, and communicates with the server, handles security settings and controls the local user operations. The chosen file is converted to a secure content format on the server, and the secure, compressed content file is streamed over to the thin client ActiveX for local operations like viewing, printing, measurement, markup and file conversion.

Product Compliance:

Rasterex viewing technology is available in 4 different options: (i) a desktop Windows application, (ii) a thin client web solution, (iii) a thick ActiveX control and (iv) an SDK for developers. We are aiming at a complete product compliance, where format updates, bug fixes and feature enhancements are implemented in parallel for all 4 options.

  • First out were the Windows versions – RxView & RxHighlight R9.0 – released on May 22 (read the press release here)
  • Today we released the thin client solution – RxViewServer R9.0 – with the corresponding updates, fixes and enhancements
  • Within the end of June, we will also release corresponding version R9.0 of the thick ActiveX versions – RxViewX & RxHighX – and last but not least version R9.0 of the RxSDK for developers
RxViewServer R9.0 is a Major Update:

“In addition to the overall Product Compliance strategy, the update of the AutoCAD filter to latest version 2008 is probably the most important issue for many of our customers” says Per Christian Lindstad, CEO at Rasterex Software. “For others, the support for the new XML format in MS Office 2007 or the strong improvements of the 3D model inspection is even more crucial”.

Updated format support:
  • AutoCAD 2008 support
  • SolidWorks 2007 support
  • MS Office 2007 support – MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and RTF
  • Stongly improved 3D support for CATIA V5, CATIA V4, Unigraphics, PRO/E and JT through a new agreement with Datakit
Improved Scaling and Measurement features:
  • Measurement feature is strongly improved. It is now possible to measure area and distances in selectable units (1:10, 1:100..) from different measurement systems (custom, metric, imperial)
  • New toolbar added for scaling and unit selection
New Basic features:
  • Added new option “remember server settings” under Tools-Options.
  • Scrollwheel zooming now works on dual/multi monitor systems
  • EXIF data, like for example Jpgs from cameras, is now displayed in the File Info Dialog
  • Symbol library can now be loaded from RXCSISAPI.dll, separate symbol ISAPI.dll no longer needed
  • Publishing timeout set in config
  • Added support for RxCalibrate.ini. Will provide predefined calibration values for clients
  • The ISAPI now recognizes when a file has been changed, and a new cache entry will be created
  • The ISAPI checks if there is a RxC file in cache, and now uses this RxC for file conversion instead of original file
  • 30 bugs and user wishes fixed since last service release
New Markup features:
  • New option added: Add holes to a measurement area (holes will be subtracted from measured area)
  • New field added in markup list: Custom Data
  • Note dialogs are now resizable, with wrapped text
  • Added support for line style and hatch style
  • It is now possible to change library path to the symbol library
  • Double-click will now terminate add polyline function and stay in add polyline mode
  • Active element is now highlighted/selected in markup list bar
  • Added more default settings to Markup Advanced Settings dialog: include perimeter for area measurement, unframed transparent line text mode, rotate dimension line text, dimension line text default placement
  • Added full support for RxView R9 markup format
New client-side methods and properties:
  • New property: PenTableUnit
  • New properties: PrintPortion, PrintScaleType, PrintScaleForm, PrintScaleTo
  • New properties: FlipX, FlipY
  • New properties: HeaderText, FooterText, HeaderEnable, FooterEnable
  • New method: GetDocumentPtrVB
  • New method: OptionsDialog – show Tools-Options dialog


Want to try the new version?

Customers under SSA have already received the new version. New users may first try our online demo to quickly learn how RxViewServer works. If this is something you want to evaluate further in your own environment, you can contact Rasterex on e-mail e-mail Rasterex sales, and get a complete download with a 30 days trial license.

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