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Rasterex in the Design and Architecture industry

Supreme universal viewing

In all phases of a buildings life cycle, teams collaborate on visual data from a variety of sources. Thousands of drawings, documents and 3d models is involved in the process, and it can be a challenging task to keep everything in order, stay in control and make sure that all involved parties are informed when changes are being made. The same applies when working with design and architecture, two fields where adjustments and accuracy play a crucial role for efficiency, progress and controll. The Rasterex software offers a supreme solution for these challenges by providing access to every technical document, no matter what format.

View, markup, highlight and convert

Rasterex can actually view over 250 different file formats, including CAD and AutoCAD DWG, BIM, IFC, Raster, Vector and MS Office files. But you also want to edit the documents you have access to. With Rasterex you´re able to annotate and compare, highlight differences and convert document formats.

Experience the benefits of native technology

The power of a universal viewer lies in its abilities to access and visualize the native information of any file, giving you access to all data from the original application. With the ability to merge information from an ERP og CRM system into the document viewer, you can visualize the bigger picture, with better quality.


The RxView360 software is integrated in our popular project portal DOX. The  viewer lets our customers display, measure and create a good overview of their drawings in 2D and 3D, without having to install other systems like AutoCAD, Revit and others.

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Peo Staam
Marketing Manager, Dox Sweden

Desktop Viewer

Are you looking for a powerful solution to review plans, drawings and document? Our desktop viewer allows multiple users to collaborate and share information more efficiently. All file formats can be viewed and edited without any additional software.


Viewing API

Let us introduce you to the only true universal viewing API/SDK on the market. RxView360 is the swiss army knife of viewing technology, designed to be integrated with your ERP or CRM systems, Sharepoint or any other existing solution.