Throughout our 20 years of history, Rasterex has proven that our strong commitment to research and development has been crutial to stay in this business over time. Over 100 man years have been spent in the development of the robust core technology, and we continuously support over 250 different file readers. In order to stay innovative and ahead of competition, we have partnered up with the top expertise on each critical field for time-consuming development and support.

To sell and distribute our product suite, we have over time established a world wide network of distributors and resellers. Our partners in over 50 countries are well trained on Rasterex products, and do all marketing, sales activities, customer support, training activities and customization work in their respective markets.

This gives Rasterex the opportunity to concetrate 100% on technology innovation, and thereby quick adapt to rapid changes in the market. With our commitment to core development and innovative research, we have a reputation as a provider of sophisticated technology to software developers and enterprise users world wide.

Rasterex Representatives world wide:

The local representative can assist you with further information, trial license, maintenance, support and training. They are well trained on Rasterex technology, and can assist you wherever needed. Most of our local representatives have been with Rasterex for many years, and have long experience with technical software. Their competence can be a valuable asset for you when you shall evaluate new IT strategies, and they can deliver customization and system integration within your own environment.

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Rasterex’ Technology Partners:

Research, development and maintenance of technical software with support for hundreds of other software solutions is a complex and resource consuming task. Instead of holding all the human resources in house, we have outsourced many of the elements to 3rd party experts. They have peak competense on each individual field, and have a better drive than we would have had if everything should have happened inside Rasterex. Rasterex concentrates on development and maintenance of core technology, merges with the elements from our technology partners and drives the development together with our main OEM partners, system integrators and enterprise customers.

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