Build powerful software for Facility Management

Our API helps developers and softwares within Facility Management


Building Maintenance

Keep control of the maintenance and the function of the building within the expected lifetime, all based on the input from your drawings.


Real Estate

Our SDK can help facility management solutions keep track of statutory supervision of fire, elevators, and others with a visual and data managed view.


Property Management

With our SDK you can combine the drawing information with financial information from the ERP solution to improve data quality and make better decisions based on facts. 

Try our demo to see what you can do with the SDK 

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We can make your software better with these Features

Data Quality

Use the Rasterex SDK as part of your faciliy management solution to get the data input of a property directly from the drawing for higher quality data.


Use the Rasterex SDK to enable users to markup annotate, measure or do other changes to a property.

Digital Take-Off

Enable the SDK to more quickly create RFI/RFPs and use the drawings as data input.

Plan Review

For scanned or other documents with limited data use the Rasterex SDK to plan a building layout to get the data in the Facility management software.