Building Information Modeling

BIM with our
Viewing Technology

We see BIM as the new standard of digitalizing the entire building industry.


Integrated 3D viewing

Rotate, zoom, explode, view cross sections and walk through the item building or item. Browse the part information and share views.


Publish the viewer as part of your software solution and edit the GUI for a seamless user experience. 

Data Extraction

Extract the data from the BIM model as part of take off, or the construction management process. Use the data you need when you need it.

Combined 2D and 3D 

For easier navigation Rasterex combine 2D and 3D viewing in the same user interface. 

Coming 2020


Annotate and collaborate on BIM models will be ready during 2020. 

Coming 2020


Take all kinds of measurements in a BIM model

Coming 2020

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