Rasterex Mobile SDK - Android and IOS

Build your own mobile applications on Android and IOS using Rasterex Mobile SDK. The combination of the Mobile and WEB SDK give you a unique end user experience working on documents and drawings on different platforms online and offline.


User interface

The source code give you the freedom to optimize your user experience according to your current look and feel on all platforms.

Rights management

Rasterex Mobile SDK support user layers and give you the opportunity to show and hide information for different user types/groups.

 PDF Forms

Rasterex Mobile SDK enable you to auto fill forms in a pdf to improve productivity for your end users.

Full Text Search

Full text search for any pdf, code or language type. The search engine deliver near instant results for full text search.


All collaboration and markup data will be part of your collaboration stored in the server solution. 

Mark up and annotate

Notes, comments, measurement, stamps, watermarks, hyperlinks, polygon, polyline, export and import annotation data, underline and more.

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