Our Mission

Rasterex Software AS provides intelligent software for technical document management and imaging software solutions. Our software seamlessly integrates with the systems you already use, giving you the best workflow possible. Read more about our story and how we became a leader in our market segment below.


Our Promise

Service and support is what we value the most at Rasterex. We promise to deliver the best possible customer service and agile technical support to Rasterex software users, so you can get as much as you can out of our solutions at any time.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of a mix of people who have come together to build a great software company focused on solving the needs of technical documentation.  

Per Christian Lindstad


Per Chr. Lindstad

Financial director of Rasterex from 1987 to 1992, as he left for positions as managing director and management consultant outside of the company. Bought the company in 2002, and took the role as CEO. Holding a Master of Management degree from BI Shool of Economics.

Øyvind Fossbakk


Øyvind Fossbakk

Sales Director of Rasterex since the beginning of 2018. More than 13 years of experience as Sales Director and Key Account Sales at Visma Retail, Basware and Visma Software. Completed his sales- and financial management degree at BI School of Economics in 2009.

Terje Helgesen


Terje Helgesen

Our technical "guru", responsible for research and development of core technology, client/server-solutions and desktop products. Has been with Rasterex since 1992.

Geir Åge Nysveen


Geir Åge Nysveen

Responsible for license administration, SSAs and renewals, customer/sales support, invoicing, payments and administration. Has been with Rasterex since 1992.

Frank Tveter


Frank Tveter

Responsible for technical support, product maintenance, product releases, web application development and internal IT. Has been with Rasterex since 1996.

A Rasterex Story

Rasterex specializes in viewing and collaboration solutions and raster editing software. We have over 30 years of experience and well-trained partners in different countries.  Read more about our story and how we became leader in our market segments.


Rasterex founded in Oslo, Norway

19 developers brought out from Tandberg Data with a bright idea to merge PC into the monitor. They wanted to build the first PC-terminal on the market. 


Graphic Cards and accelerators

The CAD industry needed extra power to run high end graphics on the PCs. Rasterex revolutionized the market with their high-end graphic cards and advanced accelerators.


From hardware to software

As graphic cards became more of a commodity, market demands changed from hardware to software. With deep knowledge from CAD, Rasterex could quickly shift focus to Raster Imaging, Vectorization and CAD viewing.


Raster Editing and Raster-to-Vector Conversion

Rasterex was quickly recognized as the #1 solution for Raster Editing & Clean-up, and Raster-to-Vector Conversion. Today, 20 years later, still helping enterprises digitizing their scanned paper-drawings.



Viewing and Markup

Version 1.0 of their flagship products RxView and RxHighlight, providing native multi-format viewing and markup capabilities to Architects, Engineers, Constructors and teams world-wide. Over 250 different CAD-, raster- and office-formats supported, eliminating the need for expensive seats of the authoring software.


Viewing inside external applications

Viewing and annotation technology made available as ActiveX controls to be embedded inside external EDMS, CMS and ERP solutions, typically made in Delphi, VB and .NET. The very beginning of Rasterex' OEM-focus. 


Supporting 3D CAD formats

In many industries, like for example mechanical, transportation and manufacturing, 3D is taking over from 2D. It was natural for Rasterex to add the leading 3D formats to the range of supported filed formats.


Thin Client Viewer

All installations moved to server, with only a thin ActiveX control handling the client-side operations. A real boost for Rasterex as the preferred built-in viewer and annotation tool. Also for web, though only working within IE.


HTML5 web-based technical viewer

RxView360 is a zero footprint web-solution based on HTML5, Javascript and CSS. The ability to open any file directly in the browser, makes it a preferred choice for integration with or into ERP, PMS, CRM, EDMS, CMS, FM systems running on any device, over web and in the cloud.


Rasterex goes BIM

There is a strong wind in the building and construction industry to digitalize the complete lifecycle of a building, using BIM with IFC as the exchange format. Rasterex' powerful graphical engine gives access to model data and provides extensive tools for use in design review, digital take-off, on-site operations, facility management and property management.


Universal Viewing:
CAD, BIM, PDF anywhere

RxView360 has everything needed to review and collaborate on visual data anywhere - regardless of file format, platform and device. It is web-based, SaaS-ready, cloud-ready an integrable! Rasterex shall continue to research and develop innovative features to empower visuality throughout the lifecycle of any project, including intelligent linking between graphical content and external project information. We call it Universal Viewing!

RxView360 with viewing, annotation and markup

Learn more about the products

We have two main product categories: Viewing and Raster-to-Vector.
Our viewing technology products have the same functionality, but are streamlined for different purposes, and are developed to give you more information out of your drawings. Our Raster-to-Vector product lets you edit, clean-up and convert raster images into vector information. See the two product pages to learn more.

RxSpotlight with Raster Edit and Raster-to-Vector Conversion

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