BIM SDK: Build powerful software that can handle BIM

Our SDK consists of a groundbreaking viewing API, technical documentation and sample code. It is a true web viewer, enabling universal viewing of any file type from any location in any browser on any platform – providing a variety of features for viewing, measuring, zooming/panning/rotation, calibration, markup, annotation and file conversion.

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Benefits and features

SDK and Open API

RxView360 delivers hundreds of methods of seamless integration. It also includes technical documentation and sample code.


The API is based on HTML5 and gives an unlimited number of clients opportunity to run the application from anywhere.


With one API for all platforms, the access points for modifications and maintenance is consist, secure, and speeds up implementation.

Cloud and Saas ready

The API has a service-based architecture built to fit into cloud applications. Multi og single tenant options for private and public cloud, ready for SaaS services.


A fully customizable user interface gives you full control on the look and feel. Use our ready-made templates or build your own interface to optimize user experience.


RxView360 can be integrated with or embedded into any content- and business management system, to view-enable and offer annotation capabilities wherever you need.


Work with CAD, BIM, office and image files or convert to PDF for fast viewing, effective annotation and efficient data exchange. 


The API is optimized for accurate and reliable rendering over web, mobile and desktop. Designed to handle big and complex files for AEC, CAD and BIM professionals. 


Set up with preferred user control and approval rules, teams can collaborate in real-time or offline. Track annotation changes and edit, merge and consolidate them.

Markup and annotation
Roadmap 2020

An extensive set of markup-tools transforms the viewer into a powerful engine for team collaboration. Make comments, add notes, highlights, stamps, measurements and more.

Roadmap 2020

Intelligent tools let you measure anything you want in a 2D or 3D model, for reliable and efficient cost-, time-, and material estimation

View 2D and 3D
Roadmap 2020

You can navigate 2D and 3D in the same interface with our new web solution. 

Supported file formats

Our SDK supports hundreds of different file types and formats. Check out the full list here.

File formats