Web SDK for viewing technical documents

Our SDK consists of a groundbreaking viewing API, technical documentation and sample code. This is a true web viewer, enabling universal viewing of any file type from any location in any browser on any platform – providing a variety of features for viewing, measuring, zooming/panning/rotation, calibration, markup, annotation, file conversion and more.

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One SDK can utilize Data from all different file formats



Our SDK can handle large BIM documents and with our list of features it can make collaboration easy within original drawings.

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Our SDK is proven to help developers make valuable software with our technology that can utilize information from CAD.  

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Our SDK utilizes information on small or larger/complex PDF files. Our toolbox brings valuable features to software developers.

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Rasterex Mobile SDK

A Mobile SDK enable you to build powerful Android and IOS applications with a integrated viewer 

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Benefits and Features

Web Based SDK

The API is based on HTML5 and gives you unlimited number of clients opportunities to run the application from anywhere.

Mobile SDK supporting offline mode

Mobile SDK for native IOS and Android apps that can integrate the Rasterex viewer as part of the app and support offline .


RxView360 can be integrated with or embedded into any content- and business management system, to view-enable and offer annotation capabilities wherever you need.


Intelligent tools let you measure anything you want in a 2D or 3D (coming 2020) model, for reliable and efficient cost-, time-, and material estimation.

Markup and annotation

An extensive set of markup-tools transforms the viewer into a powerful engine for team collaboration. Make comments, add notes, highlights, stamps, measurements and more.


Within a very intuitive and elegant interface, RxView360 lets you overlay two or more versions of a drawing, to identify and highlight differences, progress and future steps.

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