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Construction Management with Viewing Technology

Construction Management encompasses the entire process from the planning stage and all the way to the building being completed, approved and handed over to the owner. Central to any management system is to keep control of the data between drawings, models and documents, and good interaction on tools with visual control. Our SDK is ideal when building a software when our technology can utilizing the original data from any drawing and transfer it. 

Our SDK provides critical tools in all processes

Our most used features within Construction Management

Markup tools

An extensive set of markup-tools transforms the viewer into a powerful engine for team collaboration. Make comments, add notes, highlights, stamps, measurements and more.

Measurement tools

Intelligent tools let you measure anything you want in a 2D or 3D model, for reliable and efficient cost-, time-, and material estimation.


Set up with preferred user control and approval rules, teams can collaborate in real-time or offline. Track annotation changes and edit, merge and consolidate them.

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