Rasterex releases RxAutoImage R12.7

Rasterex Software has released a 64-BIT version of their market leading software for raster editing and raster to vector conversion inside AutoCAD.

Incorporate intelligent raster features into AutoCAD 32-bit and 64-bit environments, and work with scanned color and monochrome raster data directly inside AutoCAD.

Rasterex released a major update in their version R12.0 in August this year, with support for 32-bit AutoCAD 2012, and many feature updates and improvements.

RxAutoImage R12.7 follows up with a native 64-bit AutoCAD support, and a major face-lift for Ribbon-style user interface blending seamlessly with AutoCAD 2012.

RxAutoImage is an ARX application running directly inside AutoCAD, whileRxSpotlight is the complementary solution for Windows. When you purchase a license of RxAutoImage, you automatically get access to RxSpotlight in the same installation – and vice versa – both running on the same license.

New features in RxAutoImage R12.7:

  • 64-bit AutoCAD 2012 DWG compatibility
  • Face-linft for Ribbon-style user interface
  • Blending seamlessly with AutoCAD 2012


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