Rasterex releases RxSpotlight R12.7

Rasterex Software announces the new release R12.7 of their software for raster editing and raster to vector conversion for Windows.

Rasterex Software is the world leading provider of sophisticated software for raster editing and raster to vector conversion.

RxSpotlight is the standalone application for Windows, while RxAutoImage is the complementary solution running directly inside AutoCAD. The license covers both alternatives, so it is up to the users to choose which of the two they prefer to install and use.

RxSpotlight has for many years been recognized as the preferred solution for cleaning up drawings and converting scanned drawings into CAD. Whether the user starts with a scanned drawing, retrieves a legacy drawing from the archive, or imports a DWG file from AutoCAD, he can clean up and edit the raster, make lossless data reduction and advanced image enhancements, convert between raster and vector data and complete the CAD processing up to final CAD output – all without leaving the application.

Version R12.7 has undergone changes to adapt to 64-bit operating systems. RxSpotlight can now manipulate images that are larger than the 32-bit memory barrier of 1.7GB. It is possible to utilize 3.7GB for image data on Windows x64.

New features in RxSpotlight R12.7:

  • Adaption to 64-bit operating systems
  • 32-bit emory barrier of 1.7GB increased to 3.7GB
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