Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R14.1

Rasterex Software, a global leader within document viewing and collaboration, today released version R14.1 of their popular desktop viewers for Windows.

Version R14.1 is a service release which facilitates the major release R14, launched earlier this year. Version R14.1 delivers over 100 different fixes, enhancements and new features, and represents a significant improvement to customers under maintenance contract.

“While version R14 was a major upgrade to support AutoCAD 2013, version R14.1 facilitates this with numerous important fixes and improvements” says Per Christian Lindstad, the CEO of Rasterex Software as. “This time we have had a special focus on new and extended markup features, and strong improvements in the PDF reader”.

RxView allows users to view & print more than 250 different file formats – without the design software installed on the machine. CAD drawings, 3D CAD models, plot-files, PDFs, Office documents, raster images and scanned drawings.


RxHighlight is the same software installation as RxView, but through the license file, it opens up for advanced functions like redlining, markup, conversion, batch processes and text search & extraction, for collaboration between team members.


New in version 14.1:

New features, fixes and enhancements:


  • New separate process “RxLicenseHelper.exe” launched with elevated rights to setup licensing.
    •     Moved “reset license” functionality to “RxLicenseHelper.exe” (UAC).
  • This executable is available as both 32 and 64 bit.


Graphical User Interface

  • Reorganized ribbon into a more logical GUI with 4 categories instead of 5.
  • Added several new buttons and sub-menus (see RxView for more information).
  • RxSymblibmanager.exe is updated to use same version of BCG library (GUI) as RxView.
  • New automation interface.


Shell Extension

  • RxView includes a new shell extension for extracting thumbnails from supported file formats.
  • The shell extension will also provide a context menu where user can start batch print/convert, view etc directly from Explorer.


Markup fixes and improvements:

  • 4773 – New element Measurement Path – Allows user to draw a polyline with a width and height for calculating volume.
  • 4772 – Added option to include volume in measurement area text (rxredlines and dialogs).
  • New Custom Stamp sub menu and possibility to define multiple custom stamps.
  • Calibration is now stored in markup file.
  • Custom stamps is added with exact physical size (in mm).
  • Added a new checkmark shape button. Allows user to add checkmarks. Popup menu with options to – modify settings (like color & size).
  • Added custom stamps. Each stamp can be configured in a separate dialog.
  • Stamps are no longer listed under the GUI drop down menu (far right on the ribbon).
  • Added markup auto save options to “markup->file” dialog page.
  • Added height for area measurement (rxredlines).
  • Modified copy and export markup list data to include volume.
  • 4768 – Measurement units are now showed only in Header and not for each value in the data columns.


Other news

  • Option to force raster image printing for all formats. Incident reference 4963.
  • Process indicator for batch processing. Incident reference 4802.
  • The user now has the option to browse for missing fonts/xrefs during load time.
  • RxCalibrate.ini moved to C:\ProgramData\Rasterex\RxView (CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA)
  • User activity logging added (new RxConfig.exe).
  • Added application user event log support (need to be configured in RxConfig r14.1)
  • Licenses now placed under CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA\Rasterex\Licenses
  • Now shows length of lines/polylines in entity information.
  • Symbols now placed under CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA\Rasterex\Symbols
  • Added open as 3D from ribbon Open button (no need to first load 2d anymore)
  • Added New option : Open published PDF files in default viewer.
  • Removed sentinel lock support.
  • Can now add files to batch conversion from File Explorer (right click menu option).
  • Now stores/restores measurement settings from markup file.
  • Can now add files to batch print from File Explorer (right click menu option).
  • It’s now possible to change printer inside print preview (ribbon button).
  • Can now compare files directly from File Explorer (right click menu option).
  • Modified markup settings, all markup settings moved from general settings (advanced page) to markup settings.
  • JBIG2 compression is now available when creating PDF files. New RxFilterPDFW.
  • Save as Vector enabled for PDF format.
  • Now uses Windows thumbnail support on Vista or newer.
  • Now uses separate process (launched with admin rights) to setup licensing.
  • Added new option “Enable transparent raster images”. (rxprintcom)
  • Changed Markup Advanced Settings dialog (new volume setting).
  • Changed Measurement Summary dialog (volume calculation).
  • 5060 – New filter advanced setting: Apply pen table to text entities (AutoCAD).
  • 5066 – Want conversion from HPGL to DWG and DXF to use the HPGL DPI (new Autocad filter).


Fixed in this version

  • Now accepts “” around file name when using Open[] DDE command.
  • 5003 – New option in PDF writer must be disabled (Create PDF Markup).
  • NB! RxQuickview component no longer used on Vista or newer.
  • NB! RxQuickView options no longer shown on Vista or newer.
  • Added send as zip feature.
  • Added 2013 dxf/dwg option to AutoCAD Batch Converter.
  • 3553 – Pen table file does not take immediate effect unless in mm. New RxDocCom.
  • 5055 – Now converts only first page if “allpages” is unchecked. New RxConvertCom.
  • 4762 – Added option to force use of device independent images to fix transparency problems during conversion.
  • Automation interface re-implemented.
  • Added Printer Setup to main menu.
  • Now shows more information about arcs, circles and polygons (in entity information).
  • 4770 – Added Save part of file to another format function (image only in this version).
  • 3776 – Fixed by using option “Enable use of raster image when printing overlay and compare” (tools-otpions-advanced)
  • Zoom 1 to 1 is now working for DWG files.
  • 4149 – Print as raster image is now available for all formats.
  • 4963 – Print as raster image is now available for all formats.
  • Fixed a translation issue in the calibration dialog.
  • Data was not presented in Markup list bar using correct regional separator (. or ,).
  • Fixed a problem with measurement path width/height editing for DWG files.


RimEngine and component fixes.

  • AllowTransparentRaster support implemented (RxPrintCOM and RxclientViewer).
  • Changes to image handling to add support for new transparency/mask functions used by PDF filter.
  • Bug – 5048 Text search in PDF did not work in RxViewServer.
  • New – 5060 Want an option to prevent text being affected by changes to the pen table.
  • Bug – 5000 PDF file caused RimEngine to crash.
  • 5055 – Added new method to allow multiple pages to be included in target file.
  • 5060 – Enable or disable pen table for text entities (AutoCAD).


  • 5047 – A CTB file had some pens that was listed with incorrect colors.
  • 3553 – A file and pen table file demonstrated that pen table file did not take immediate effect unless in mm.
  • Fix – memory leak.


  • 5060 – Enable or disable pen table for text entities (AutoCAD).
  • New – Added property AllowTransparentRaster that may fix some PostScrip print problems.


  • New – Added properties and method used by new measurement functions.


  • New – Added support for height for Area Measurement to be able to calculate volume.
  • New – New markup element: Measurement Line Path. Line measurement with optional height/width. Can be used to calculate volume.
  • New – Added support for storing file rotation.
  • New – Added properties and method used by new measurement functions.


  • 5060 – Enable or disable pen table for text entities (AutoCAD).


Format reader fixes:


  • Now uses same scaling as pre-2013 filter releases.
  • Reintroduced arcs and circles sent to RimEngine.
  • 5060 – Enable or disable pen table for text entities.
  • 5066 – Conversion from HPGL to DWG and DXF now uses the HPGL DPI to make the size of the target DWG or DXF the same size as HPGL in mm.


  • 4864 – Files opened using the binary filter was not released when RxDocCOM.Close was called.

CALS raster:

  • Added support for CALS type 2 raster format.


  • 5049 – A named view INITIAL was not listed .


  • Now uses new RxZIP module for handling .NID (Nemetschek).

Microstation V 8.x:

  • 4642 – Added support for user defined coordinate system.
  • 4553 – Added support for additional line styles.
  • Unreg – Layer control (on/off) are now working.
  • Rebuilt using Teigha 3.8.1

Adobe PDF:

  • 4930 – A file had an area where a black color should be transparent.
  • 4833 – Problem with clipping or transparency.
  • 5044 – A file caused a crash.
  • 4815 – Missing graphics.
  • 5027 – File was displayed incorrectly.
  • 4723 – File was displayed incorrectly.
  • 4655 – Logo is now correct.
  • 3656 – Clipping problems.
  • 4215 – A file has a lot of small elements that should have a white background, but were displayed with a gray background.
  • 4666 – Transparent rectangles partially obscured part of the raster tiles.
  • 4627 – Inserted raster on page 3 was displayed with inverted colors.
  • 5058 – Missing numbers.
  • 4998 – A files demonstrated problem with a set of graphic elements that was not reproduced correctly.

Acrobat PDF writer:

  • Added support for JBIG2 compression method for monochrome raster images.
  • Fixed a small bug in the “Save as Dialog”.


  • 5063 – Leadtool error message box now supressed when reading non valid tiff files.

MS Word 2000-XP:

•     5023 – Closing a file caused an “Automation error”.


64-bit and 32-bit options:

  • RxView and RxHighlight R14.0 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Customers under SSA contract have already received the new version. New users can download and try the software for free on Rasterex download page.

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