Rasterex releases RxViewServer

Rasterex Software, a global leader in visualization and collaboration technology, today announced the release of RxViewServer, a server-based solution for fast sharing of documents and drawings over the web – with no software installed on the client machines!

RxViewServer allows users to view, print, markup and collaborate on more than 250 different file formats (CAD drawings, plot-files, PDF files, Office documents, raster images etc.) directly within their browser – via intranet, extranet, internet, web portals or content management systems.

With RxViewServer installed on the Web server, all enterprise content information is accessible for authorized team members – both inside and outside the organization.

The first time a user wants to view a file, a small ActiveX component is downloaded automatically in the background. This ActiveX runs in the browser, and communicates with the server, handles security settings and controls the local user operations.

Not only can the user zoom, pan, rotate, calibrate and print, but he can comment with redlining and markup, perform text search and extraction, insert links to other documents etc. for collaboration with other team members.

Whenever a user requests a file view, RxViewServer converts a copy of the original file to a compressed and encrypted “Rasterex Content Format” (RxC), and streams the file over to the client’s browser, for instant viewing and annotation. The RxC-file is automatically cached on the server for future sessions. Although the original file is left untouched on the server, the RxC-format carries all the native information to the client; like layers, block info, attributes, Xrefs, hyperlinks, pen tables, text info etc.

“We are very proud to present the first server-based viewer with ActiveX clients on the market”, says Per Christian Lindstad, CEO at Rasterex Software. “This is not a stripped down version of our desktop viewer – RxViewServer is equipped with all the features and all the formats supported in the popular desktop version”.
” While our competitors deliver a compromised Java-solution to support multiple platforms, Rasterex presents the ultimate solution for environments running on Microsoft platform, maximizing performance, speed and security through Microsoft’s own ActiveX technology!”

Features & Benefits:

  • A full featured viewer, not a stripped down version of the desktop solution
  • The RxC format transfers the native file information, not an insufficient raster representation
  • No software installations and no environment like “Java Virtual Machine” etc. needed on the client machine. All you need is Internet Explorer!
  • The activeX control is made available as a downloadable CAB-file of less than 1 MB, which makes it extremely fast to download!
  • The activeX control receives all the file information needed to perform the local operations, independently of the server. The server can instantly start working with new file requests. A true transaction based system for maximum performance!
  • Advanced streaming technology starts displaying data instantly, while the data is being rendered in the background. The user can immediately start working on the data, interrupt the process or start requesting a new file.
  • The RxC file is a strongly compressed file (5-20% the size of the original file), increasing speed and performance without loosing native The compressed RxC file is cached on the server, for subsequent faster viewing
  • Extremely powerful printing facilities – supporting all printers & plotters as well as all formats supported by MS Windows – including high resolution and large format printing – with advanced features like scaled print, poster print, print preview, print portion, watermark, header/footer and pen table support.
  • Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades are performed on the server, automatically updating the clients’ ActiveX controls. Saving time and money!

Security Framework:

  • The RxC format renders a copy of the file for visualization purposes, and all annotations and markups are store in separate transparent layers. The original file is always left securely untouched on the server.
  • RxViewServer uses standard http(s) port, no new ports to be opened
  • RxViewServer uses the underlying intranet or content management system’s security protocols, user control and security settings


  • The most cost effective licensing system on the market, available both as counted network licenses and as floating ‘concurrent user’ licenses.  By letting an unlimited number of users share a limited number of floating licenses, the company can make huge savings in license and maintenance expenses
  • The license file can easily be extended to a higher number of users just by changing a simple code string
  • The licenses can be made floating between Basic and PRO version (with or without markup), increasing the cost effectiveness even further
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