Increase Efficiency and Collaboration

With thousands of drawings and documents involved, our viewing technology let teams collaborate on visual data from a variety of sources.

Rasterex Architecture

Digitalize Your Drawings

You have better things to do than shuffling around stacks of paper. Our software is developed to make information more available.


Annotate, Adjust and Improve

Adjustments and accuracy play a crucial part in construction and a variety of other industries. With the right toolkit you can work faster in a digital world. 

Better Project Management

In a variety of industries, there is a need for powerful tools to control project information and communicate progress, delays and changes.

RxView360 and RxView with Annotation and Markup

The power of universal viewing 

The power of a Universal Viewer lies in its ability to make information more accessible so you can work faster, smarter and collaborate better. With our viewing software you can view, mark-up and annotate hundreds of different file types. Get more out of your drawings with our universal viewer.

Viewing SDK      Desktop Viewer

Raster Editing, Conversion
and Clean-up

Our Raster-to-Vector software is recognized for its superior editing and cleanup tools. Make edits and clean-up raster images without having to convert them to a CAD format and convert scanned drawings into vector information. The installation also provide a plugin for AutoCAD. 

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Raster-to-Vector Conversions

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Experience how easy it is to measure, annotate, edit and convert with our RxView360 demo.