The power of universal viewing

The power of a universal viewer lies in its abilities to access and visualize the native information of any file, and utilize this to facilitate efficient review processes and document workflows. The authoring software is not required, and hundreds of document types are supported, including scanned drawings, PDFs, MS Office, 2D CAD, 3D models and BIM/IFC files.

Software developers can OEM the API to view-enable their document management solution. IT consultants can use our ready-made kits for seamless integration with SharePoint, Office365 or other ERP-systems. And architects, designers and teams can use the fully featured desktop software for more in-depth analysis used in quantity take-off, cost estimating, facility management and property management. 

It's all based on the same code! And it is accessible to all; desktop, web, .NET, cloud, SaaS or handheld!

Building and Construction 

In all phases of a building's lifecycle, teams collaborate on visual data from a variety of sources. Thousands of drawings, documents and 3D models can be involved in the process, from planning, design, construction and operations

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Oil & Gas, Utilities & Power

The complexity and cost pressure in these industry calls for effective document control throughout the information lifecycle. From planning, engineering, construction, handover to operations and maintenance.

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Facility Management

In a variety of industries, there is a need for powerful tools to control project information and communicate changes both in upstream design, jobsite management and downstream maintenance.

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