Why settle with a PDF?

Per Christian Lindstad
Oct 4, 2018 4:29:30 AM

When it comes to viewing technology today, the PDF is nothing more than what the walkman is to the music business. We´re not trying to take anything away from neither the PDF, nor the Walkman, because they both set new standards in their respective fields.

The iconic portable cassette tape player from Sony brought the best music into our own pockets, and with the PDF, Adobe had created something that made viewing and sharing digital documents a whole lot easier. The PDF, short for Portable Document Format, took the digital revolution a step forward.

The problem with the walkman and the PDF today lies in their limitations. We take portable music for granted, and viewing technology is much more than being able to open and print written documents and images. We´re all familiar with it and know how it works, but it's complicated to edit and doesn't urge collaboration between supplier and customer, coworkers, departments or companies. 

So why should you settle for less? The easy answer is: You shouldn´t.

Eliminate the unnecessary

What you should be able to, is to view any file type you want, whenever you want, on whatever device you want. With a universal viewer, this will be your new reality, and you will be able to experience the benefit of native technology.

By having access to all the original information a document contained while being created in its original application, you will be able to work more efficiently and precise. Instead of spending an unnecessary amount of time trying to understand complicated drawings, native information will simply tell you what you are looking at with all relevant details.

A universal viewer will also let you markup and annotate, measure, highlight, compare, convert and print. Not everyone needs to be able to view an AutoCAD DWG drawing, but how about combining visual data with information from your ERP, CRM, IWMS or project management systems and make real time edits while collaborating with others? By eliminating complicated and time-demanding processes and automate them, you can focus on what matters the most instead.

That´s the power of universal viewing.

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