RxView is the only desktop application you need 

25 years of development has made RxView to the benchmark of viewing technology, giving you the ultimate workflow, without the need of additional software.

View everything

With RxView, your machine is able to display, edit and print over 250 different file formats without any other software installed.

Visual interaction

Our viewing technology is made to optimize workflow and create the best working conditions possible for developers and product managers.

Native technology

RxView uses native technology, so the documents you view contains all the information you need from the original application.

RxView Key Features

Highlighted functionality and information about RxView software. 

Advanced Functionality

  • New CAD and Office toolbars for better handling of these formats
  • COM-based components architecture displays multiple files simultaneously
  • 2D drawing support includes; AutoCAD (incl. AutoCAD 2015), PDF, MicroStation V8.5, ME10/30, HPGL etc.
  • Optional 3D support includes; CATIA V5, CATIA V4, PRO/E, Unigraphics, Inventor, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and STL. 3D files can be rotated, sectioned and measured etc.
  • Includes multiple and split windows, thumbnail and preview support, view selection, Bird´s Eye view, magnifying cursor, layer control, pen table manipulation and Watermark printing
  • Multi-page functionality for documents and TIFF files
  • Calibration and snap functions for take-off measurements on drawing files
  • Previous versions of files can be compared with the differences highlighted
  • Use the Shell Extension and RxView is fully integrated into Windows Explorer enabling file preview of supported formats, directly within Explorer.

IFC Support

  • 3D Model
  • Model tree
  • Property Pane
  • Dynamic relationship between model, model tree and property pane
  • Full viewing functionality: zoom, pan, rotate, spin, cross sectioning etc.
  • Markup and annotations
  • Measurement
  • Print
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