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  RxSpotlight Edit RxSpotlight Pro
Enhancing and editing    
Color filters: blur, unsharp mask, median Yes Yes
Monochrome filters: speckle remover, hole remover, thickening, raster images thinning, smoothing, inversion, contour Yes Yes
Monochrome filter: line breaks filling No No
Deskewing, 4-point correction, changing size and resampling, cropping, rotating, mirroring Yes Yes
Autocorrecting images. Drawing on raster mode, rasterization of vector objects on color, monochrome, and grayscale images, merging color, monochrome, and grayscale images, monochrome and color floodfilling Yes Yes
Calibration. Additional features for processing color images    
Adaptive and manual Binarization, color separation, color reduction, images classifier, gamma correction Yes Yes
Segmentation No No
Selecting raster data    
By picking (with automatic definition of object type), within window or polygon, by crossing rectangle, polygon or fence etc. Yes Yes
Raster symbols selection (on monochrome images) Yes Yes
WiseObject selection No Yes
Editing raster and vector data Yes Yes
Vector editor    
Drawing points, lines, circles, arcs, polylines, rectangles with various line types and thickness; text and multiline text; named blocks; customized arrows and floodfilling forms. Creating Chamber and Fillet. Measure tool Yes Yes
Editing polylines Yes Yes
Snap to raster and vector. Polar snap, orthogonal drawing, snap to grid Yes Yes
Interactive vectorization (tracing)    
Tracing raster polylines. Auto detect the direction of polyline tracing Yes Yes
Tracing raster lines, arcs, circles, polylines, outlines, hatches on monochrome, grayscale or color images Yes Yes
Tracing symbols (on monochrome images) Yes Yes
Automatic vectorization No Yes
Raster-to-boundary Automatic conversion No No
Text recognition No Yes
External OCR support No Yes
Correcting vector objects    
Automatic correction: restoring of intersections, aligning, joining fragments, removing low sized vector objects No Yes
Interactive correction: joining fragments to line, arc, circle, polyline. Correction of recognized texts No Yes
Vector polyline correction No No
Batch and Script Studio, DDE Yes Yes
Open architecture No  Yes
Direct support of Contex, Vidar, Calcomp and Twain scanners Yes Yes
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