Norwegian Open BIM project gets international recognition

Per Christian Lindstad
Oct 22, 2018 3:23:18 AM

We have a message to those who are still sceptical about what Open BIM brings to the table: Borders are being crossed in the industry, and it's happening in Norway.

In mid-October, the team working with the expansion of Oslo Airport at Gardermoen, received The Design Award from buildingSMART during the International Standards Summit in Tokyo, for their work on the T2 terminal. The buildingSMART International Awards is as close you can come to a world championship of BIM, and the award is a massive recognition for how they utilized a BIM server, that combined and united different models into a common one for everyone to see. Hopefully it will also be an eye opener for many others, by showing what you actually can achieve with open viewing technology.

At Rasterex, we believe that Open BIM will change the industry dramatically, in a positive direction.

Using paperwork in big projects only creates confusion and misunderstandings, ultimately ending up in many costly mistakes and annoying delays. Open BIM and IFC makes a digital twin available for anyone, simplifying collaboration and information-sharing with an enormous amount.

Want to learn more? Here's six reasons why open web viewing technology would improve project management and collaboration. 

buildingSMART membership

A challenge we are meeting, lies in creating general standards for the industry. To achieve the same as the T2 project, there are many obstacles to pass, but standardization would smoothen out the process, and make it more effective and predictable. 

This is the goal of the international organization buildingSMART, and we are both proud and happy to say that we are involved in process of standardizing BIM and IFC through our membership. This means we are committed to take a leading role of further development of the idea and concept of Open BIM. As well, we want to make sure that Norway is leading the way towards digitalization of construction and property management. 

As we´ve stated, the Rasterex team is always working to learn more and develop our products, so the software we provide will keep you a step in front.

Our advantage in this case is that it does not matter where the standardization will end up, or what systems you use today, because our viewing API can be integrated with any existing solution.

An example

Hard to digest? Let’s try to visualize it for you with an example where someone is planning to build a new office building. A lot of different parties must be involved for this to happen: Architects, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, project managers and others. Then, thousands of different parameters must be decided, down to smallest type of screws you will use.

With a standardized BIM model connected to regulations (like TEK 10), the measurements, quality demands, material types and everything else can be pre-defined, removing a massive process of ifs and buts.

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