Forever lasting change?

Per Christian Lindstad
Apr 22, 2020 5:57:04 AM

What will the real changes be after the Covid 19 Virus spreading around the world? Is this a forever lasting change or will we go back to "normal" when the pandemic is over?

We can see the effects of the pandemic in the news on a daily basis and where we will end up is impossible to tell at this stage.

The pandemic has forced a giant leap in digital transformation with people working from home and needing their everyday tools to be accessable from whereever. Providers of online mail office and collaboration/video communication tools have had their best times ever the past few weeks, but more mission critical solutions like ERP or other vertical software solutions may or may not give the company a easy working from home solution. Many software companies really need to step up to deliver a SAAS model or other services to make sure their customers can access the tools from where they may be to be prepared for similar situations in the future and make sure they still are relevant. 

Drawings, quality controls in construction may or may not be easier now than before. Tools like the Rasterex SDK can help contractors and software companies to have a online tool that everyone can access from any device at any given time and do their markup, quality controls, measurements and collaboration in a easy and effective way.

If you do not have a online tool to view and collaborate on drawings this is the time to get going! 

Good health to everyone!  

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