Why integrate CAD to your software

Per Christian Lindstad
Aug 30, 2019 7:28:06 AM

I meet a lot of people working somewhere in the lifecycle of a building. 3D, BIM, CAD is very much in place in new buildings, and now more and more older buildings become digitized. There is still the issue in lack of drawings as part of the business solutions, either its project solutions, facility management, property management, CRM solutions, CMMS or others.

The number of software solutions supporting a buildings lifetime out there is vast and too many of these softwares have limited functionality regarding drawings, which typically gives manual processes, outdated data and inefficient work days for people in the field and backoffice. 

What happens is that many end-users either needs to get access to the drawings, or they spend time and money working with multiple systems to get the information that they need. Also, there are a number of different formats used out there for CAD, IFC, PDF, TIFF, DRW, DWFX, PRT and so on. This means in some cases, files need to be converted, or companies end up purchasing access to different solutions in order to open and view all formats. 

The importance of data

We live in a data-driven age and data is the most important source of information in order to make informed decisions across all levels in an organization.

Drawings in CAD, BIM and PDF contains a lot of data that is important and useful for business solutions so that they can be used and combined with data in an ERP, Property Management, CAFM solution or similar. This gives a great opportunity for end-users and customers to get visual information from the data in their own business-systems and gives more information to make sure the project runs as it should, or gives the facility manager access to the information needed on a client renting a space.

What to do:

There are different ways to get access to drawings in a business system, some have apps that can be bought, or you can buy access to a third party API, and integrate it with business solution.

Full markup and redline functionality in a simplified workflow 

More and more solutions are delivered as SaaS and the importance of a HTML5 API that can open all file formats gives you the ability to redline, markup, stamp on all formats in a simplified workflow. There is a big power in using a third-party viewer that can enable you to integrate the viewer in your cloud, mobile or on premise solution.

Your option is to look at a universal viewer like Rasterex where you can integrate the API to your business solution and gain access to view, annotate, mark up on all relevant file formats in your industry. 

Rasterex give access to a trial of the SDK, so click the online demo to test the viewer or send us a note to get access to a trial license and test it out on your own.

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