Rasterex introduce a new function within Space Management

Per Christian Lindstad
Oct 2, 2020 5:49:11 AM

Rasterex releases a new viewing product for Space Management


The idea arose when more and more customers had a problem with old drawings without sufficient intelligent information. More often did they only have a AutoCAD drawing that showed nothing but lines that would symbolize rooms in a building. Therefore, the team at Rasterex Software AS realized that they had to make a new feature using of the SDK.

Today, Per Christian Lindstad, CEO of Rasterex Software, is proud to announce their new software product for space management.

"In Facility Mangement you often have several elements such as property management, realestate management, but now we have created a software product for Space Management"


Rasterex have been helping companies for a long time utilizing their drawings better through their viewing software. Today, Rasterex sees that it is a fragment and that many companies pick some solutions that are not optimal. Many people try to insert PDF files and Excel sheets to get a connection but unfortunately do not work. There is a lot of frustration about the data flow because one loses large amounts of data when trying to compress drawings.

They are often very transaction-oriented and have a register of customers, with large lists and div that need to talk. But they lack the visual, namely floor plans.

What often forms the basis of an FDV-document is an CAD drawing. Often processing is done that works on a given time point (here and now). Then over 30 years, a lot of modifications and adaptations and transfers occur, where no one can go back to change the old CAD drawing. While there are lots of changes to the building, no one can go back to the drawing to change anything. "Cannot move a fire hydrant 1 meter 20 years later". Many need a proper software where you can keep the drawings updated with lifecycle for the building without having to change the CAD drawing.


The technology is rolled out today and you can already see it here. This is a developer concept that is just a demo now, but where this API is available so you can build your own solutions with this software. It can be customized and further developed according to demand, where we want more people to be able to use our technology to build their Facility Management processes to the next level.

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