Obama in Oslo: The link between BIM, digitalization and sustainability

Per Christian Lindstad
Nov 22, 2018 4:35:17 AM

In september, former US President Barack Obama attended the Oslo Business Forum conference The Future of Technology and Sustainability.

At the main stage, Obama shared his views on the importance of green thinking and how we need to adapt to new technology with over 3000 business leaders. He also came with interesting insight on what we should focus on to take advantage of it and why sustainability must be on our priority list. The easy answer of the last one is that we need to take better care of the environment by decreasing our own carbon footprints, make sustainable choices and stop wasting the planet's resources.  

But this made us thinking: How can we connect this with universal viewing? Let’s take the sustainability agenda in construction a step further!

The many dimensions of BIM covers what you need to know about a construction process, through facility management and the entire lifecycle of a building. BIM also simplifies the process when a building is to be replaced by another one, or by something else.

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Can BIM reduce carbon footprints?

Today's methods of demolition is not a very sustainable process, because there’s not much to do with the pile of materials that is left after a demolition. With BIM technology, the process could be much more environmental friendly, because you can design buildings in a way that ultimately lets you strip it down piece by piece when it has done its job.

The benefits of using Open BIM in a construction process, and having a better understanding of a buildings total lifecycle, are many:

  • It’s a brilliant technology for collaboration between the many involved parties, making sure that everyone is aware of adjustments, which ultimately eliminates costly ad-hoc solutions
  • It gives you the opportunity to design and construct a building to perform more efficiently by using materials with low environmental impact, minimizing energy requirements and reducing water consumption
  • You can plan the entire project in a much more effective way than before, minimizing waste and rework
  • You will understand how a building can be put together and taken apart smarter, what type of materials to use and what can be recycled, and how to make a building perform more eco-friendly. 

So when we continue to develop new technology here at Rasterex, we do it so you can answer with the same, famous words that Obama used in his inaguration speech when asked if you can do more in the name of sustainability:

“Yes, we can.”

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