Rasterex releases RxView & RxHighlight R18

Rasterex Software, a global leader within document viewing and collaboration, today released version R18 of their popular desktop viewer for Windows.

Version R18 is a major release

Main reason for release

  • PDF to DWG/DXF conversion is now much better as layers are retained and text will be written
  • AutoCAD 2018 Support (read/write)
  • PDF Merge tool
  • PDF Split tool
  • PDF Compliance tool (convert any PDF to PDF/A without loss of structure).
  • Improved PDF to CAD tool (dwg/dxf)
  • Modified GUI – closer to RxView360 style.

New in this version.

  • Markup tab changed to use markup categories (lines, shapes and so on). Fill style are now a separate option.
  • Markup : Added add picture markup from either an existing image file, or from clipboard.
  • Markup: Added Aztec barcode support.
  • GUI styles added (Windows 10 Flat): White and Dark
  • Save as Dialog:  Destination formats are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Layer Dialog and Bar:  Now using checkboxes for toggling layers on/off
  • Markup: Added save as Annotated and Burned-in PDF options.
  • Licensing: Now gives an warning if a license will expire in less than 30 days.
  • Added save as CSV/XML button to Search Attribute Dialog.
  • New option : Markup->Advanced->Export->Only Export Elements on Visible Layers
  • Added PDF to PDF/A Conversion – Save the current  PDF as a PDF/A file without losing content like text, fonts, layers and more.
  • Added Batch PDF to PDF/A Conversion – Convert a list if PDF files to PDF/A without losing content like text, fonts, layers and more.
  • Added PDF Split Feature – Split a multipage PDF into smaller files with 1 or more pages each.
  • PDF Anti-alias enable/disable during printing (currently only available as registry variable)- Default: Disable anti-aliasing
  • Added support for PDF hyperlinks.
  • The content of PDF sticky note annotations will now be displayed as tooltip when cursor are above them.
  • Added “/fclear” command line parameter.
  • This will close all files in the current opened instance of RxView, but not close RxView itself.
  • New option: Markup->Advanced->Export Locked PDF Annotations. If you export use the “Save as Annotated PDF” command the annotations will by default be locked (not editable). Disable this option to create annotations that are not locked.
  • Added PDF Merge tool – Add PDF files and files of other formats, to a list of files that will be merged into a single multipage PDF file. All content from the PDF files will be included (text, fonts, layers and more). Other formats will be automatically converted to PDF using either RxCOM, or LibreOffice/MsOffice if present.

Fixed in this version

  • Fixed a refresh problem that occurs on dual screen usage.
  • Batch error: – Batch Print/Plot was waiting for messages and this caused the batch to stop until the mouse was moved.
  • 5641 – Layer dialog will now show descriptions if available. – Any layer description will be shown as tooltip in the Layer Bar.
  • Default compare color settings was not always applied.
  • Many minor fixes and changes


  • Will now honor BOLD font settings when converting from PDF to DXF/DWG.


  • Now: include markup data if a raster file is converted to PDF.
  • Now makes sure that all pages/views are loaded during conversion if “AllPages” flag is used.
  • Improved DWG to PDF conversion.


  • Added setting for setting bitmap dpi to use for printing PDF files


  • Fixed a problem where a loading markup files caused an exception error.
  • Added new methods used by RxPDFCom for extracting markup data.
  • Fixed a problem where burned in markup in pdf was missing an image from the original Rasterex markup.
  • Fixed an issue with wrong fill color used for Area and other markup elements.
  • Now using correct name for annotations exported to PDF.


  • Added support for Aztec barcode encoding.


  • Added support for AutoCAD 2018 format..

Format writer fixes AutoCAD DWG

  • DWG 2018 support.
  • 5622 – file caused crash.
  • Fixed translation problems in the setup dialog.
  • 5617 – Missing raster image.
  • UNREG – DWG file created by Inventor had missing model data.
  • 5631 – Added support for font with override.
  • 5650 – Wipe out object had fill color inverse of background color which obscured text
  • 5658 – A DXF was loaded without the model space being available.
  • Built using Teigha 4.3.1 with DWG 2018 support.

Format reader fixes CADKey

  • Filter has been rewritten to use double precision throughout the filter code to improve resolution issues.

Format reader fixes DWF

  • Fixed a problem with a file that failed to open.

Format reader fixes DWF6

  • 5637 A file causes RxHighlight to crasch.
  • Now 100% Unicode and support for far east text.

Format reader fixes DWF 7

  • 5616 – Part list was interpreted as second view and caused a problem in displaying all views in a file.
  • 5637 – Fixed problems with a file causing a crash, distorted images and incorrect text alignment.
  • Now read XML “object node” data from DWFX files. Loads object nodes as unique RimEngine vector blocks.

Format reader fixes HPGL

  • UNREG  Raster images in wrong position (outside paper).

Format reader fixes JPEG

  • 5633 – Can now optionally use EXIF data rotation setting to change image rotation.

Format reader fixes Microstation V8

  • Now opens files from URL locations without failing.
  • Rebuilt with Teigha 4.3.1 release libraries

Format reader fixes PDF

  • 5626 – Implemented support for PDF hyperlinks (file, web and page links).
  • Now sets “Need Bitmap Printing” attribute for RimEngine that forces a 300 DPI bitmap used for printing.

Format writer fixes PDF

  • 5662 – Conversion of multi-layout DWG files to PDF now includes all layouts as pages.
  • Fixed an error that could occur during conversion of multi-layout DWG files to PDF.
  • Fixed an error that could cause some elements to disappear when converting from DGN to PDF.
  • 5672 – The filter may now use plotable layer settings during conversion to PDF.

Format reader fixes TIFF

  • Now ignores Orientation tag during loading (always top/down loading).

Download and try the viewer for PDF, CAD, 3D CAD, Office and Raster

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